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Professional field experiences leading up to student teaching are not isolated add-ons, but are integrated into many courses throughout the teacher preparation program and are, therefore, most often supervised by full-time highly qualified Glocal faculty rather than temporary adjuncts or graduate students. The faculty who are teaching the courses work with the students as they transfer their knowledge to the actual classroom.


Because of its geographic location, Glocal can offer graduands a wide variety of field experiences in classrooms in urban, suburban, rural K-12 schools and community living.

  • Date – 11th October 2018
    Day -Thursday
    It is very interesting to know how a child’s psychology works. This fascinating initiative was taken by our pupil teachers of B.Ed. in Glocal School, Saharanpur. This was their third observation in a private school and now it is time to create a comparison among three observations. Pupil teachers observed student-teacher activities, assembly activities, transport facilty, playground, smart classes, toddler and senior section. Consideration of pupil teachers was more effective due to disciplinary surroundings. Mr. Deepak Matta (Principal) interact to our pupil teachers and reinvigorated them. In the presence of Ms. Tarang Tomar (Faculty of Education) pupil teachers did their all observations and learned a lot.

  • Date – 27th September 2018
    Day -Thursday
    Teaching is imperfect without functional or realistic approach. For this accomplishment B.Ed. pupil teachers of Faculty of Education, Glocal University visited in Government Primary School, Shafipur ( Saharanpur) on 27th September 2018. Pupil Teachers used their observation skill for real teaching. They observed students’ classroom behavior, activities during lunch and games, their enthusiasm and their ambitions. A real enlightenment was created in pupil teachers by this visit.

  • Date - 29th November 2016
    Day -Tuesday
    B.Ed students batch (2016-18) of Faculty of Education, Glocal University visited Anganwadi at Badshahibagh. In their field visit, they observed that Anganwadi provides nutritional supplements and immunisation (polio,tetanus,measles and tuberculosis) vaccines for children. There is no set curriculum at Anganwadi although the caretaker teaches the children about health and hygiene. B.Ed students noticed that the Anganwadi center focuses a lot on nutrition in which children are weighed every month and their growth is recorded. If a child seems to be malnourished, they are given twice the nutritional supplements. It was a good experience in an authentic setting of Anganwadi that B.Ed students cannot imitiate within the college or school.

  • Date- 28th November 2016
    Day- Monday
    B.Ed students batch (2016-18) of Faculty of Education, Glocal University visited government school at Badshahibagh. In their field visit, they observed mid day meal, classroom pattern, student’s creativity, resourcefulness, teaching methodology of primary and secondary school. B.Ed students did the comparative study of primary and secondary school classrooms and learnt the concept of 'making do with what you have'. They have also noticed that each and every student of government school was equipped with proper books and uniform. When given the opportunity, the government school students thrive with creativity and shared an enthusiasm for learning that shined through the dimly-lit classrooms.

    It was a good learning experience for B.Ed students that provides them the opportunity to encounter novel things in government school setting.

  • Date - 30th November 2016
    Day- Wednesday
    B.Ed. students batch (2016-18) of Faculty of Education, Glocal University visited JAMIAT-UL-SHEKH lil-Benat at Mirzapur. In their visit, they observed that in today’s time Madrasa balance religious education with the study of secular subjects. This Madrasa is not funded by any organisation, it’s one girl (Saima) willpower along with her maternal uncle (Molana Taskeer) who laid the foundation of Madrasa. B.Ed students also noticed that Madrasa is followed by IDARA where girls seek education. They were surprised by hearing the QURAAN verses translation in English which was commendable.

    B.Ed students have learnt that Madrasa education is not a barrier in promoting modern education.