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Welcome to the Faculty of Education at Glocal University

Faculty of Education was established with the aim of bringing dignity, social recognition and rewards to the profession of teaching, so as to attract, over time, best of the university graduates to the teaching profession and to empower Teachers; professionally and personally.

Our philosophy is not merely to prepare ‘model teachers’ but to solve new educational problems of the country through its research driven team.

Our mission is to collaborate with schools, research organizations, training institutes and individuals across the globe to institutionalize and embed innovation and change in school education and teacher preparation programs and thus to create new benchmarks in teaching as a profession of choice. We promote a culture of research based teaching practices and a spirit of inquiry and reflection among the teaching professionals. We recognize the enlarging role of technology in all educational practices.

If you are passionate about teaching and learning in any setting, I invite you to examine our programs, the work of our faculty, and the accomplishments of our graduates. Please contact me, or the any of our outstanding program coordinators, to discuss your interests and career options.

Dr. Gunjan Rajput
Department Head and Assistant Professor
Faculty of Education
Glocal University