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Professional Development


Teaching supervision is a relatively new practice and training area . Training in supervision is thought to be important because many educators function as supervisors and the demand for supervision by Education may be rising with current changes in the Education Sector.

Faculty of education Glocal University provides its graduates a Practical Model for Teaching Supervision Through Vertically Integrated Teams Supervision is becoming an increasingly important area of expertise for Educators. Through the use of vertically integrated supervisory teams, students are trained with multiple methods to gain skills in Teaching and learning. In addition, they are trained to provide a valuable professional skill to in the Education Sectors.


Information and Communication Technologies have recently gained groundswell of interest. It is a significant research area for many scholars around the globe.  Their nature has highly changed the face of education over the last few decades.ICT has positive impact on students’ performances from primary schools to higher Education  In addition, ICT has significant impact on teachers and teaching processes.

The ICT Test B.Ed evaluation provides an evidence that many teachers use ICT to support innovative pedagogy. It states: “New technologies that provide a good fit with existing practices, such as interactive whiteboards are first to be embedded, but others like video conferencing, digital video and virtual learning environments are now being incorporated, providing evidence of on-going learning by the workforce. Training needs to continue to support innovative pedagogy.” In Faculty of education Glocal University Teachers have increased their use of ICT in lessons where students look for information on the net and use it afterwards for subject specific areas.


It is little wonder that so many students, both international and local, choose to study English courses. Proficient and skilled use of the English language can enhance career prospects, allow you to achieve success in different areas of Education.

While there are many good reasons to study English, here Faculty of Education Glocal University provide Language Proficiency Classes where studying English opens plenty of career prospects and employment opportunities for teaching graduates. Through the study of English, a range of advantages are available. Faculty of Education Glocal University offer graduates the opportunity to improve job prospects, the capacity to communicate with others and access to information right across the world.