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Why Glocal Faculty of Education?


PROGRAMS Our Faculty offers teacher training programs at all levels which are unique, completely school based and involves research in education and prepare students for a variety of careers. The program through its research driven philosophy and complete school attachment will help improve specific skills relating to educational issues, theories of learning, education policy and practice, creativity and education and a general understanding of education in social, political and economic contexts. These programs will help improve inquiry, communication, IT, research and analytical, interpersonal, problem-solving, organization, time management, self-management, decision-making, team and leadership skills that are useful in variety of job sectors.

PEOPLE One of the many advantages of our Faculty is our community spirit. Faculty, student teachers or teacher candidates, teacher associates, regular teachers working in schools and staff work collaboratively in a supportive and inclusive environment and are brought together frequently through our community events as well as our programs. We offer students a professional home and services. You can reach us online, on the phone, and in person. Being a part of Glocal University, Glocal Faculty of Education has a large social science, offering unrivalled opportunities for interdisciplinary learning

PLACE Everything you need is under one roof at Glocal Faculty of Education and online. Glocal Faculty of Education is big enough to provide all the conveniences you need, and small enough for students, faculty, and staff to feel instantly comfortable and at home. Because of its geographic location, Glocal offers teacher candidates a wide variety of field experiences in classrooms in urban, suburban, and rural K-12 schools and community living.