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Workshop on “WHOLE BRAIN THINKING” by Sekhar Chandran, An avid researcher, Ashlar kidz


An avid researcher, he has conducted over 200 teacher training workshops in several highly reputed schools across India on best teaching practices especially in Kindergarten. This has brought him in close contact with educators and education centre heads. Enriched with relevant knowledge and clear perception on Multiple Intelligence and Whole Brain Thinking, he analyses the current trends in teaching and the psyche of the current crop of kindergarteners.

Workshop Summary:

A Workshop on WHOLE BRAIN THINKING was conducted on 24th September 2016 by Sekhar Chandran (An avid researcher,Ashlar kidz). The workshop focused on the crucial role of empowering and nurturing educators with new age teaching practices and whole brain Teaching ideas so as to sow seeds of love for education within each young student along with holistic development. They reckon the escalating need for both motivating, and bringing the educators in sync with modern teaching techniques. This workshop was based on intensive research done by Ashlarkidz on whole brain teaching practices.